14 SR Sport/Runabout Deluxe Package






A full 18" longer than the 12.6 SR, this new boat is truly the king of our line. At 14' in length, it can carry 7 adults and cut through chop with ease. The 7" diameter keel fits the proportions of the boat and gives you excellent control. A great fishing platform, this boat can take a 40 hp standard 15" shaft outboard to get you and your buddies to where the fish, lobsters, and dive sites are in no time.


"I highly reccommend
your boats."

-Gary Basko
Jackson, NJ


The 14 SR comes standard with all of the features you would expect in a Sea Eagle transom boat, such as reinforcement layers at the bottom of the main tubes, as well as keel and hull rubbing strakes. D-rings and towing fittings are also standard. New on this model are two stainless steel eyelets which can tow a small water skier, or an adult on a tube.

The 14SR is equipped with the same rugged polyethylene floorboard system as the other Transom Boats, so this roomy boat can still fit in a car trunk. It also features a transom brace, which allows it to handle 40 h.p. motors with ease. These brace bars also allow it to handle new four stroke motors which can often weigh 40% more than their two stroke predecessors.



14' x 6'


9' 9" x 2' 8"


46" x 26" x 14" (hull)
31" x 38" x 6" (floorboards)


7 Adults or 2000 lbs.


Four (Port, Starboard, Bow & Keel)

Tube Diam.:



1000 Denier Reinforced


Quadruple Overlap

Engine Capacity:

40HP (175 lbs. max)

Speed estimates:
(with 40 hp)

30 mph. with two adults
25 mph. with four adults

Air Valves:

One-Way Valves

Inflation & assembly time:

30 min.


107 lbs (hull)
187 lbs. (w/ floorboards)

Standard Features

*                    NMMA Certified

*                    Plastic floorboards for easy assembly, long term durability and greater strength

*                    5/8" grab line along sides for safety

*                    7" Inflatable Keel

*                    Rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing

*                    Splash Guards on transom

*                    Built in oarlocks for easy rowing

*                    Two stainless steel d-rings for towing

*                    Four Carry handles

*                    Front lifting handle

*                    Oarlocks pop up for instant use

*                    Rubbing Strake around hull and under Keel for extra protection.

*                    Two layers of material on lower tubes for greatest abrasion and puncture resistance.

*                    Two self bailing drain valves

*                    Boat Carry Bag included

*                    Wide beam hull design for stability




14 SR Sport/Runabout Deluxe Package






*       Molded Floorboards

*       Aluminum Bench Seat

*       Foot Pump

*       Collapsible Oar Set

*       Boat Carry Bag

*       Bow Storage Bag

*       Repair Kit