Deluxe Package
  1 9.6 FT Fisher/Tender hull
  1 Molded Floorboards
  1 Aluminum Bench Seat
  1 Boat Carry Bag
  1 Foot Pump
  1 Collapsible Oar Set
  1 Bow Storage Bag
  1 Repair Kit
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9.6 FT
Deluxe Package


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This boat was designed with both the yachtsman and the sportsman in mind. Using only three plastic floorboards and no inflatable keel, this model is very lightweight and easy to put together.

Because the 9.6 FT weighs just 45 kg with floorboards, and takes less than ten minutes to inflate and assemble, this model provides easy access to remote ponds and lakes for fishermen who want to get to where the fish really are.

Able to carry up to 450 kg of cargo or four adults, the 9.6 FT makes an ideal yacht tender.

Exterior 289 cm * 162 cm
Interior 190 cm * 81 cm
Deflated 114 cm * 53 cm * 25 cm (hull)
78 cm * 96 cm * 7 cm (floorboards)
Capacity 4 Adults or 450 kg
Chambers 3
Tube diam 40 cm
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced
Seam Quadruple Overlap
Air Valves Three Halkey-Roberts One-Way Air Valves
Inflation time 20 min.
Weight 31 kg (boat only)
45 kg (w/ floorboards and motormount)
SE - 330
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9.6 FT
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