Daytrip Package
  1 Sea Eagle 9 hull
  1 Floorboard set
  1 Canopy
  1 Motormount
  1 Aft Bench Seat
  1 Foot Pump
  1 Wooden Bench Seat
  Oar Set
  Repair Kit
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Sea Eagle 9
Daytrip Package


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The Sea Eagle 9 is our largest motormount boat, yet it is still portable, lightweight and easy to assemble.

You can use a Sea Eagle 9 for fishing, camping, yacht tending, skin diving, river-running or pleasure cruising.  If you are a river running enthusiast, a Sea Eagle 9 makes a roomy river raft for up to class three white water. Despite its large size, a Sea Eagle 9 is surprisingly easy to row, especially with two people rowing at the same time.

A Sea Eagle 9 without floorboards makes an amazingly large tender that can be stored below deck on a shelf when you wish.

Exterior 335 cm * 142 cm
Interior 228 cm * 71 cm
Deflated 61 cm * 58 cm * 25 cm
Capacity 5 Adults or 545 kg
Chambers 5
Tube diam 38 cm
Material 38 mil PolyKrylar
Seam High Frequency Weld
Air Valves Deluxe One Way
Inflation time 14 min.
Weight 17,2 kg (boat only)
33,5 kg (w/ floorboards and motormount)
SE - 330
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